working to
eliminate poverty
through entrepreneurialism


FledgeCoin (FLDG) is our community token on the Polygon Network. FLDG is used for trading goods and services, DAO participation and more.

The Fledge DAO

It's important to us that our community has a voice in determining our projects and direction. So we've created a digital autonomous organization (DAO) where all holders of FLDG can propose and vote on projects and governance.


Our focus is on introducing people to blockchain uses and developing projects that have a positive impact on local communities.


We are very interested in AI technology and machine learning. We have experimented with deep learning algorithms such as generative adversarial networks (GANs) for art and NFT creation.

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The purpose of this group and our mission is consistent with the mission of The Fledge, which is to eliminate poverty through entrepreneurialism.

To that end, we believe that new technology like blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, NFTs and DAOs are powerful tools to help us decentralize and democratize the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Please join us in this attempt to make the American Dream real, to create opportunities to pursue happiness, to fight for liberty and justice for all, and to restore and create equity for everyone.

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